Everyday Vehicle maintenance

Looking to have the oil changed on your baby? Don’t trust the dealer or it’s employees? We’ve got you covered for everything from routine fluid services on your engine, transmission, and differentials on up to motor swaps, forged internals, custom fabrication and big boy turbos. Did I mention that we do alignments too?

Two is better than One

Two lifts and two full time employees means that your vehicle gets the attention that it needs to exceed your expectations. We’ll get your car in and updated faster than the rest so that you can get back on the streets and winning.

Performance at all levels

Customer Service

The whole reason we started this business is because other shops were pushing people to the side. We value our customers and their hard earned c-notes. Expect nothing but the best in terms of customer service!

In-House Dyno

Whether it be to prove a point to forum jockeys or to hang on the fridge next to your kid’s art assignment – numbers and charts fill a void. Our in-house 2wd Dynojet gets the job done!